Friday, January 16, 2009

And It Begins

Today I realized that Lyla is really four... a grown up four. We were shopping around Target and I couldn't take my eyes off her once-white-now-gray sneakers, unkempt hair, stained shirt ( I do not begin the battle of clothing choice - she wears what she wants) but the glaring part of her ensemble was the unbelievable high water pants. And it hit me... she is getting big and she is FOUR! How the years are beginning to blur by and I want to be sure to remember all those great moments and all the quiet moments in between. I don't need to tell anyone how horrible I am at pictures and correspondance - I hear it daily from everyone who continues to love me even with this lovely flaw. So here is my attempt to connect with all of you and record and savor these great years. So I may be here again tomorrow... next week... or maybe next month... but hopefully not next year:)