Saturday, May 2, 2009

Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring

The last of our snow pile in the back yard has finally melted. According to the calendar it has been Spring for quite awhile now... according to our back yard Spring just arrived this week. The grass is still brown - but you can actually see it now - it is not covered by snow. We have recently been enjoying the most balmy, perfect weather I have ever experienced since living here. It has been in the 70's. In May!

I want to remember each and every glove, hat, and coat Mike and I had to wrangle on just to venture outside for 15 minutes.

I want to remember those below zero days when your nostrils and eyelashes freeze just by running out to the car.

I want to remember slipping on icy roads and sidewalks.

I want to remember the dark days, the pasty white skin (OK I confess that is pretty much year round for me), and the longing for the sun to warm your bones.

I want to remember being stuck in the house with three small children for endless days at a time.

I want to remember all of this so each and every day for the next few "warm" months the kids and I spend each and every waking minute outdoors. I have packed a tote of "fun in the sun" that will sit in the garage so I will not need to take many trips inside to fetch the necessities. Complete with: sunscreen, bubbles, first aid kit, drop cloth (for lazing in the lawn), books, art supplies, sidewalk chalk, water bottles, hats, and sunglasses. Yes... I am being extremely optimistic that are summer will be better than last year's 5 days of sun... But just in case the tote also carries rain jackets, rubber boots, shawls, and sweaters. 

 Thanks for a long  7 months and many good memories.
Goodbye Winter!

Hello Spring!
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