Saturday, February 28, 2009

More of the Dog Park

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Dog Park

One of our favorite things to do... head to the dog park and let Budda and the kids run wild. It always helps to get the Winter Wigglies out. 

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Friday, February 27, 2009

Lost without Lost

Mike and I's favorite time of day is 7:00pm. The kiddos are snuggled in their beds and we lazily retreat to the basement to sink into the couch and never rise again. The dishes usually stay stacked in the sink, laundry unfolded, and toys still on the floor... the only nanobit of energy left is expelled walking down the stairs to actually get to the couch. 

The best time in the whole week is Wednesday's at 8:00pm. Lost is on. For one hour we escape to an island where matchbox cars, princess dresses, and fruit snacks don't exist. This last Wednesday was one of those days in particular... right around 7:30 the kids were snug in bed... I was contemplating a perfect Lost snack... Cora was primed and ready to nurse the whole hour so as not to make a peep... my favorite down blanket was waiting for me to curl under... and then it hit me - It was ASH Wednesday!! For weeks I had been telling Mike I was going to give up TV for Lent. And now here it was... well now I had to stick to it. So I left my favorite blankie on the floor and Cora and I headed for the bedroom. 

You would think my wonderful husband would have come in and offered to give up TV as well so we could have long in depth conversations, play games, paint, write poetry...... but no he took my favorite blanket and snack and shouted  - "I'll tell you what happens." You would also think after he heard my whimpers coming from the bedroom that he might come and give me a play by play... was the island still flashing, was Locke still dead????? Nope... I never saw Mike again that night... with nothing to do Cora and I went to bed.

So my journey begins 40 days without TV... can someone who stays home all day survive? I'll keep you posted.

Carefree Cora


full of smiles and gurgly giggles

fresh and oh so new to the world

bugeyed wonder


smells so sweet

happy and content

loves when big brother & big sister fawn all over her

does NOT like to sleep by herself

keeps Mama smilin' all day long:)

Love to my Cora Lovie... I can't wait to hold all your babies one day. 
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Friday, February 20, 2009

Keeping Up With Keenan

no fear


loves to laugh



cookie monster

should wear a helmet 24/7


hates to be in trouble

climbs anything and everything

banana eating monkey


Love to my Keeny Lovie... I can't wait to watch you at the Xgames someday.

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Lyla Love

the first born


mother hen


huge imagination... HUGE


a dancer

a singer

a performer

humbles me EVERY single day

cuddles, cuddles, cuddles

dilly dally, dilly dally, DILLY DALLY

pack rat

remembers everything

strong, tough, brave

love to my little Lyla lovie... I can't wait to one day get post cards from all your exotic travels and adventures around the world.
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Thursday, February 12, 2009

In the Name of Love

Today is our wedding anniversary. 
Saturday is Valentine's Day.

In honor of these momentous occasions the next few posts will be sappy and sentimental.
Time to spread a little love to all my lovies:)

And thank you to everyone for your kind words and comments.

Happy Anniversary


What I love about Mikey...

laughing everyday

strong hands and popeye forearms

handy around the house

sense of empathy

breakfast scramble and sleeping in

driving me EVERYWHERE

campfires, hikes, taking deep breaths in the woods

wedding ring tattoo

his beautiful family that helped mold him into the man he is today

loving my beautiful family and letting my Mom stay for 6 weeks


bundling, bundling, and bundling for winter wonderland fun

blue collar

chicken alfredo dinner

putting up with barking budda

lyla, keenan, and cora

and most of all...
dreaming together... cabin on the lake, canoe trips with the kids, kitchen renovations, and flying our kid's college colors.

Happy Anniversay
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Monday, February 9, 2009

Why am I Always the Monster?

Everyday I am assaulted with pillows, flying socks, and nerf apparatuses.

The games begin with the kids assigning parts. Lyla is the mom or princess... Keenan is the dad or princess... and I am ALWAYS the monster. They spend the rest of the day hiding from the monster, hissing at the monster, fighting off the horrendous, hideously, horrible monster.
"Get away monster!"

I can only guess what they are imagining in those little heads when they attack my leg with an Elmo doll. Am I big and fury... scaly and fire breathing... slimy and drooly? Whatever they envision I am always the enemy.

Just once I would love for them to say...
"Mom today you can be the kind fair maiden who rescues puppies & kittens." 
"Mom, you are the patient, loveable fairy who sprinkles happiness wherever she goes."

Even better...
"Mom you are too beautiful and kind to play a monster."
"Mom you are too beautiful and skinny to play a monster."

Why can't Mike or our big fury dog be the enemy?

OK... I have to go. I was just attacked because they said I ate their phone?!?! Time to go breathe fire.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Winter Wonderland?

Yes... it is beautiful. 

Yes... I appreciate all the snow after growing up without any. 

Yes... it would not be a "real" Christmas without it. 

No... I do not look forward to bundling up these two princesses and one monkey to venture into the beauty. The couch is so soft and warm and Dora oh so entertaining.

Mike is so much better at it than I. Almost everyday he comes home from work and bundles them up to go play in the winter wonderland.  Just one of the things I love about him.

Did you know that one of the theories of why a flamingo stands on one leg is to conserve body heat. How smart. Even in tropical climates they are working on staying even warmer.

OK... here I go. Potty, Bundle, Potty again, Bundle again... then we are all headed outside. The kids will frolic in the snow while I stand on one leg.

(photos courtesy of Mimi Flo:)

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Babies and Holidays

No I have not yet sent out Christmas gifts or cards. The gifts I am working on ... the cards I have given up on. I have finally accepted the fact that babies and holidays don't always mix. This is about how our winter goes.... Cora born, Thanksgiving, Lyla Bday, Christmas, Keenan Bday, New Years, Mike Bday.... then Breathe. I have got to stop having babies near the holidays. So I am posting some fun holiday pics that never made it to you in a letter.

Dear Family & Friends,
We had another baby.
Love Always,
The Heads