Saturday, October 31, 2009

Viking Halloween Party

For Halloween we went out to the valley for our friends annual Halloween bash!!!
The theme... norwegian vikings. Surprise. Surprise.

Minnesotans stick together and there is most definitely a strong representation of this norwegian influence. Its pretty much if you were not born here in Alaska... you are either from Minnesota or Oregon.

Every few YEARS I meet a fellow Floridian.

So as you can see by the pictures... pretty much everyone from Minnesota REALLY does look like Paul Bunyon. For a second I really did feel like I was back crusading with Lief Erikson and plundering land and seas for steins of brew.

You gotta love all you Minnesotans... I love you guys so much I married one and now I talk like one.
You betcha.
Fer Sure.

Happy Halloween

By the way... this is supposed to be a Viking.
Yeah... I didn't win any pumpkin carving contests on this one.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Who is that baby?

OK everyone... are you up for a challenge? Can you name each Head baby? List your guesses in the comments and number 1 to 6. The winner wins moose poop earrings!!!! If there are multiple winnings you will just win regular moose poop.
Choices are: Cora, Keenan, or Lyla!
This is just the first round... so it is an easy one. The next round will include multi- generational pics and will be more challenging.


Testing the new camera...

the only willing subjects... Cora & Budda.

Picture Perfect

Yes. We. Have. Purchased. A. New. Camera.
This really is a monumental occasion... many stars, planets, and budgets had to align in order for this to happen. Pretty much it means that Mike and I had simultaneous moments of splurging. When the tightly wound purse strings and clenched cold frugal fist of cheapness miraculously decided to open at the same hour on the same day and off to Costco we went before the prudent and miserly ego awoke.
30 minutes later and the Canon SD1200 was in hand.
No more dangling from the rafters while holding the cord in place as we try to download the pics to our computer.... and 1/2 the time we lose them anyway.
No more embarrassing moments of ...the perfect shot... and oh the batteries are dead (they pretty much held charge for 3 minutes), SD card full (max held 8 pics), oh wait where is the camera? And yes I am aware that this can be fixed with a new SD card, new battery... but really it was an exhaustive search to find replacements for the Gateway camera of the 90's.
No more will we be the laughing stock of the picture taking community. We will be prepared. No more will we hear....
"Oh what a surprise the Head's camera is (dead, SD card full, frozen, covered in peanut butter and/or lost at the bottom of the diaper bag) .....AGAIN!"
OK so we all know the last statement is baloney. I will still forget to charge it and lose it in the massive Head bag where it is probably making out with my elusive cell phone.
Come on people... lets be real here... its a new camera.... not a new personality.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Sweet Seeds

Mike came up with a new recipe for pumpkin seeds. Season as usual... then add his secret ingredient...brown sugar. Bake in oven and you will soon have these salty, crunchy caramelized bits of goodness! Almost better than kettle corn. Almost.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009