Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Comment Issues

OK so yes we are having comment issues. If you have tried to leave a comment and it did not go through - you are not alone. Please try again and I am trying to fix in the meantime.
Not so happy with blogger at the moment....

Friday, April 24, 2009

My Life

When I have changed too many diapers to count, stared at the endless stack of dishes, and folded one too many onsies I sometimes think back to those days when I felt a bit more free. I am so thankful for each and every one of my experiences in this life. 

When I find myself in the routine of family and children and fear creeping slowly in... afraid to watch the news because every story whittles away at the small piece of hope left in your heart, afraid to drive on ice, afraid to try something new... I like to think back to my time of crazy, unedited living and traveling.

These memories become gentle nudges and whispers in my ear to let go of fear, to find spontaneity in this current life, and to model and encourage a path of unfiltered emotions and passions to our children. 

There are small blips on the parenthood radar of once again feeling lofty and liberated. When I am going to crumble or explode (or both) from the trials of motherhood and wifehood… I crank up the stereo to my favorite 80's CD (the kids always look at me like I have lost my marbles) and we just dance.  The best thing about kids is they don't judge… they just look up at you in pure adoration and think you do the best sprinkler and kid'n'play they have ever seen. Watching your 4-year old daughter do the robot probably ranks right up there with the high of jumping out of an airplane.

It is a constant job to fight against the beast of monotony and limit those things that hinder vivid experiences - TV, perfectionism, computers, consumerism… they are different for everyone.

Let life in. 

It helps me to remember that once upon a time I had the strength and bravery to solo backpack through Europe, create art with little fear of judgment, and skydive with a crazy little barefoot man strapped to my back. Those experiences and memories help me get through my days of wiping hinies, making mac and cheese, and doing dishes …those days when its hard to recognize this slight version of yourself.

"You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You must do the thing which you think you cannot do."
Eleanor Roosevelt

What have you done today to break out of your rut?
What have you done today that scares you?

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Read Along

I have always loved reading. I have my Mother to thank for this gift. Ahem... I guess being a librarian/media specialist/tech coordinator (whatever the going title is right now) helps out a bit. Memories growing up include: trips to the small Citrus Park library by our house (which is now relocated and HUGE), bedtime stories, and even potty training while sitting backwards on the toilet so we could prop up a book. The beautiful thing about reading is that anyone can get into it... because there is a book about everything. 

If you like collecting garden gnomes... 
there is a book about it. 


If you like converting your engine to run on vegetable oil... 

there is a book about it. 


Wondering if Jem is still "rockin" it...

Yep...there IS a book about it.

My brother is also an avid reader... his affection has always been historical fiction and war stories w/ a little Calvin @ Hobbs mixed in. I have always loved the dreamy and romantical (that was for you Tasha) books - Anne of Green Gables, Secret Garden, Pride & Prejudice, Jane Eyre.  As the years have gone by my interest in book subjects has changed and stayed on course with my life events. Political/Social/Environmental activism in my early twenties... and now in my...ahem... "thirties" my books revolve around parenting, cleaning tricks, cooking, and crafting. I also mostly enjoy Non Fiction for the simple reason of self preservation. If I start a novel of Fiction... I CAN NOT stop reading it. I would be up all night impatiently devouring every word. Which I have now learned a mama that does not sleep makes for a not so good Mama the next day. A few years ago I read Real Food. 

A great read.. I recommend it. Mike and I are always on a constant road of trying to eat and live simply. A rocky road. I am always battling the local vs. organic vs. my own "cheapness" issues. But we will save this for another post:)

After hearing a lot about Animal, Vegetable, Miracle I decided to take a break from parenting books and dive in. 
So far it is addictive. 
So far I am showing some self control and I did go to bed early last night... although I cant make the same promise for tonight!
It is essentially about a family who chooses to live one full year eating only things they can find locally... to learn where their food comes from and who grows it. 

Has anyone read it?
Do you want to read along? 
I will post my progress and thoughts on the book... feel free to do the same.
Happy Reading!

Friday, April 10, 2009


As we wait for the snow to melt we anxiously look for the signs of Spring. Everyday Lyla says to me...
"What is taking Spring soooo long?"
I tell her you have to look closely and listen intently because it is already here. The birds are visiting our front porch, the snow IS slowly melting, and soon we will see some green poke through the cold brown earth. While we wait we have been busy with bunnies, crafting, planting, baking... and a little coughing and sneezing thrown in as well.
Happy Spring Everyone!
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Lots of fun creating the past few weeks... chickie nests, birthday gifts, nature bags, planting seeds. 
And lots of coffee too:)
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A visit from some bunnies

Our neighbor Cindy was gracious enough to bring over her baby bunnies for the kids to see and play with. How brave of her to venture into the wild kid crazed house with her cute, timid, little bunnies. The kids LOVED it... I thought for sure we might end up with a pet bunny after the visit. Maybe....
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Tuesday, April 7, 2009


So we just had a little shaky shaky going on. The kids were eating lunch and I was nursing Cora when I felt a little tremor... I thought... oh it must be the train or a semi (yeah our street is that peaceful)... then we got a REALLY good jolt. Enough for the kids to notice. Lyla says to me... "Mom.. I was sitting there and now Im sitting here"

Really I am not the best at this whole earthquake thing... even though we get little ones here and there I am never quick enough to get under cover. By the time my brain registers it is an earthquake it is usually over. So the kids and I just sit there... thinking it is a semi rumbling by. Quite the brave, courageous, protectant mother I am.

It was a 4.7 and 15 miles from Anchorage. The online info said they do not expect a tsunami from it. Hmmm... comforting.