Tuesday, August 4, 2009

It's a jungle in here...

When we left our old little house I was most sad to leave our orange tree behind. No it was not in the backyard... but on the wall of the kid's bedroom. Joy had painted the orange tree on a visit after Lyla was born. So on this visit we decided Keenan deserved to have his own jungle...because he is my little monkey. We are so lucky to have such a talented artisit in the family. We love the mural and every night we say good night to all the animals on the wall (which he has creatively named ALL of them Keenan) Goodnight Mama Elephant Keenan, Goodnight Giraffe Keenan....
Oh and did I mention that Joy painted this masterpeice sometime in between...
recovering from bronchitis, flu, and much more
going to the zoo, hatchers pass, the airport beach, the park
baking pies, cookies, and apple struedel
entertaining 3 wild children
doing dishes, doing dishes, doing dishes!
Thank you Grandma:)
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  1. That is amazing! ALL of the Keenans are very cute!