Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Zero Dollar Birthday

In November my youngest, Cora, turned one. There is so much pressure these days to go above and beyond for birthdays. Luckily Mike and I have always felt the same way... for these younger years simple is better. Sometimes the parties become more for the parents than for the overwhelmed little birthday child. Now don't get me wrong... there will be plenty of big bash birthdays in our future... and any party should be what your family deems important - not what your peers deem to be necessary. We recognize for right now and for our family... small and quiet is a good thing.

Mike typically does his schooling in Winter so for us it is very lean times... especially with the holidays and then four additional birthdays in between Thanksgiving and January! Mike and I took on the challenge of a zero dollar birthday for our dear Cora and we both agree... it was by far our best birthday party ever. Small, beautiful, and intimate. Just like our little Cora. I will share over the next few days her birthday celebration. Coming up tomorrow is some home made gifts.

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