Monday, February 1, 2010

MiniVan=Mega Fun=Petrified Corn Dog

We cleaned out the van this weekend. I would love to say we cleaned it out because we clean the cars "every Saturday" or I was bored and I really enjoy detailing cars... but the reality is... the SMELL forced us to clean it out. After two long hours, I decided to take a break. Mike came home to a MASH scene driveway of mats, industrial shop vac, garbage cans filled with unmentionables, laundry baskets full of sippy cups and bottles, books, toys, and cleaning supplies. So much stuff Mike could not pull into the driveway and he was "forced" to finish the project so he could park his truck.

Did I mention it is usually around 15 - 20 degrees here so everything is frozen and there is absolutely no reason for a vehicle to smell.
OH YES... it was that bad... the fumes refused to freeze.
We think we have narrowed down the culprit: boy pee, sippy cup with chunky milk, or a half eaten petrified corn dog. Between you and me... I am pretty sure that the eau de parfum was an intermingling of all three.


  1. Yuck! Good thing the cold weather prevented the sippy cup from getting any worse. My mom had a tupperware bowl with milk in it (from her cereal)actually explode after it was left in the car in the heat - it was NASTY! It was under a seat and she never really got the smell out!

  2. Oh how I remember the days of petrified french fries!

  3. Febreeze!!!!! Vicky

  4. Oh, the things I have to look forward to. I can't even keep my car decent by myself!!!

  5. Vicky.... You figured out the comments... I am sooo happy:)