Monday, February 9, 2009

Why am I Always the Monster?

Everyday I am assaulted with pillows, flying socks, and nerf apparatuses.

The games begin with the kids assigning parts. Lyla is the mom or princess... Keenan is the dad or princess... and I am ALWAYS the monster. They spend the rest of the day hiding from the monster, hissing at the monster, fighting off the horrendous, hideously, horrible monster.
"Get away monster!"

I can only guess what they are imagining in those little heads when they attack my leg with an Elmo doll. Am I big and fury... scaly and fire breathing... slimy and drooly? Whatever they envision I am always the enemy.

Just once I would love for them to say...
"Mom today you can be the kind fair maiden who rescues puppies & kittens." 
"Mom, you are the patient, loveable fairy who sprinkles happiness wherever she goes."

Even better...
"Mom you are too beautiful and kind to play a monster."
"Mom you are too beautiful and skinny to play a monster."

Why can't Mike or our big fury dog be the enemy?

OK... I have to go. I was just attacked because they said I ate their phone?!?! Time to go breathe fire.


  1. Hey, the day will come when playing with mom we be SO uncool. Take what you can get (I think you're a beautiful-patient-skinny-princess-fairy if it helps)!

  2. T - I never knew you were such a wonderful writer!!! You should totally do articles or a book or something!!! I'm so excited you're doing this - it's so nice to see the pics and hear the funny everyday stories of your lives! Keep on a writing - love y'all!!! p.s. and if you have to continue being cast as the monster - at least get a good purple wig or cape to go along with it:)

  3. Kailyn always casted me as the Evil Stepmother... and yeah - what's up with Dad getting to be the Prince? So I just got really good at my part - after a few times scrubbing my kitchen floor on her knees, Kailyn has decided that I play a MUCH better fairy godmother.

  4. I am glad you are there to take over my monster roll.... and I can now return to the sweet ole granny! love ya keep up the entries.. MiMee..

  5. @shannonland... so excited that we are actually corresponding... this blog was worth it just for that:)

    @staci... hahaha... Im going to have to try that... what horrible thing could a monster force then to do?hmmmm.

    @mimi... thanks for passing along teh blog and encouragement... ova and miss ya!

    @head... is this J Head? You could out blog me anyday with all your travels and adventures! Miss you:)

  6. I think that you should be the candy monster and every time they make you the monster you should eat candy and they do not get any because they are not the monsters. Then when they are upset about that you can say that if you were the fairy princess that you would share with them....but since you are a monster this is the result.

  7. wow aunt teresa u would be the big monster and i would be the little tickle troll call me soon lol lots of luv=} muah ha ha ha

    love morgan