Friday, February 27, 2009

Lost without Lost

Mike and I's favorite time of day is 7:00pm. The kiddos are snuggled in their beds and we lazily retreat to the basement to sink into the couch and never rise again. The dishes usually stay stacked in the sink, laundry unfolded, and toys still on the floor... the only nanobit of energy left is expelled walking down the stairs to actually get to the couch. 

The best time in the whole week is Wednesday's at 8:00pm. Lost is on. For one hour we escape to an island where matchbox cars, princess dresses, and fruit snacks don't exist. This last Wednesday was one of those days in particular... right around 7:30 the kids were snug in bed... I was contemplating a perfect Lost snack... Cora was primed and ready to nurse the whole hour so as not to make a peep... my favorite down blanket was waiting for me to curl under... and then it hit me - It was ASH Wednesday!! For weeks I had been telling Mike I was going to give up TV for Lent. And now here it was... well now I had to stick to it. So I left my favorite blankie on the floor and Cora and I headed for the bedroom. 

You would think my wonderful husband would have come in and offered to give up TV as well so we could have long in depth conversations, play games, paint, write poetry...... but no he took my favorite blanket and snack and shouted  - "I'll tell you what happens." You would also think after he heard my whimpers coming from the bedroom that he might come and give me a play by play... was the island still flashing, was Locke still dead????? Nope... I never saw Mike again that night... with nothing to do Cora and I went to bed.

So my journey begins 40 days without TV... can someone who stays home all day survive? I'll keep you posted.

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