Thursday, March 5, 2009

Finding your spot

So it has been one week and one day since I gave up TV. 
Is my life richer, fuller, calmer? Probably too soon to tell. My house is still a disaster so the extra time has not gone into cleaning. I might have replaced TV with computer time... but I guess that is good for all you grandparents out there... more blog entries.

It has been difficult finding someplace to go when Mike is watching TV... I am looking forward to finishing Lyla's room so I can create my "craft closet" in the other room. For those of you who don't know - ever since we moved into this house Lyla has been patiently waiting for her "princess" room. And we have slowly worked on it as time and funds allow. I am keeping ample pictures of the progress so I am sure I will post about it soon. The end of the princess project is coming near. I am excited to soon have my own "spot" where it can be quiet, creative, and inspiring. Everyone needs their own little nest to smooth their feathers, sharpen their beak, and dream about one day finding the big worm in the sky. 

How about you guys... do you have your own nest/spot? Where is it? What does it look like? 

OK, OK I have a confession. I watched Lost last night. Good I'm glad that is out in the open... now we can all move on.

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  1. What her room isn't done yet??? don't feel bad about the TV.. I haven't had chocolate yet.. but I did have an ice cream cone with Chase the other day.. so there goes my no sweets for Lent.. ha! love ya ...