Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Poop, Nails, and Garden Journals

Today Keenan pooped on the hallway carpet. 

It all started with  him helping me do the dishes. He is so enthusiastic about washing dishes that I always strip him down to a diaper and put about a gazillion towels under him. Today he was even more enthusiastic than usual and his diaper exploded from all the water dripping down into it. So somewhere between me directing him to his room to get dressed and clean up, picking up the towels, and mopping up all the water (by the way this is the ONLY time my floor ever gets cleaned:)... Lyla had found a box of finishing nails and dumped them in the middle of the hallway to play with them (yes cursing Mikey right about now.)

So Keeny on the way to his room passes this extremely enticing mountain of nails and decides to stop and play awhile with his sister. He must have been pretty engaged and relaxed because he pooped... on the carpet... and the nails. This is about when I walk in on the scene of spilled nails... and poop. Poop on spilled nails.

Have you ever tried to pick up those tiny finishing nails from the carpet? One by one. 
Now add poop to the equation.

So after much cleaning and window opening (did I mention it was 20 degrees today?) we pushed on to our activity... Garden Journals. And I am so glad we did because it made me forget all about the poop and dream forward to the sweet smelling flowers of Spring.

I had the kids glue collages of things they wanted in their garden this year... we looked through gardening books... then we all made wish lists. I'm writing their wishes below. Thought it was cute.

Keenan's Garden Wish List
1. Fruit
2. Sticks
3. A Yellow Leaf

Lyla's Garden Wish List
1. Leaves
2. A girl
3. Pumpkin
4. Flowers
5. Birdbath

My Garden Wish List ( I am really only putting mine on here for the benefit of the Hippy NY Joyces... r u reading this Uncle Thom or are you still mad at me for leaving Myspace.)
1. Herbs
2. Birdbath/Birdhouse
3. Snap Pea Teepee
4. Bocci ball or horse shoe
5. Lettuce
6. Sunflowers
7. Rhubarb
8. Uncle Thom's Art (Just because a girl elopes in snowshoes doesn't mean she shouldn't have the wedding gift she has dreamt about ever since she was a wee lass learning to go weewee next to a certain station wagon. And yes... all five of you boys... it still pains and hurts me how much you laughed at me for not knowing how to go pee outside... hello I grew up in Tampa. People in Tampa don't learn how to do that until college. Proud to say Lyla is a pro at peeing in the woods:) Oh I digress.....

Anyways... garden journals...so much fun. Although I think I enjoyed it more than the kids.

I want you all to check out the Artist Within under my "Things I'm Lovin".... I promise it will be worth the two and half minutes.

Decided not to post pictures of the poop. I will post the garden journal pics later... I am having camera issues.


  1. poop on nails?! My fav! Your house sounds like an adventure...

  2. Morgan is sick ... but she even got up to listen to your little poop and nail saga... Gotta love the boy!!