Monday, March 30, 2009


I feel so connected to this little one. Not sure why... maybe you get more intuitive with each kid... or maybe pushing her out with no drugs couples her to your mom psyche FOREVER. I have felt it coming for some time now... the drooling, the fussing, the chewing. I swear my gums swelled and throbbed right along with hers. Everyday I have been feeling with my finger the slowly approaching milestone. And then over the weekend I ran my finger once again along the bottom gum and there it was...
the jagged little white tooth had emerged. 
Her first tooth. 
So proud.
Trying to slow down and appreciate this milestone.
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  1. gosh.. can't believe she has her first tooth already.. this is going way too fast!!.. but then I think she is already 4 months old.. but yet that doesn't seem old enough for a tooth?? Oh my little Cora..

  2. NOOOOOOO!!!!! That makes me feel like she is growing up already! (Into quite a beautiful baby, I must admit).

  3. She is sooo gorgeous!!!!

  4. I did not know you had her with no drugs!!! You go woman! You will have to tell me how it was some day...I am a sucker for birth stories (strange, I know!). I slightly regret getting an epidural with Alayna. She is our last baby so that was my last chance for a natural birth!

    Sorry we missed out on our first craft night...Peggy told me it was your b-day! I meant to get on here and say Happy Birthday and spaced it, so a very late HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you!