Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Through the Eyes of Lyla


Lyla's first photography show. 
Give her some love by leaving a comment and I will be sure to read them to her.

And yes that is a mannequin. Her name is Gertie and she lives with us. I will do a meet and greet with her in another post.
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  1. Lyla-
    I LOVE YOUR PICTURES! I can't wait to come and see you guys in a few weeks! We can take pictures together. XOXOOXOX Love and Miss you- Rina

  2. Lyla - you are an excellent photographer. I especially like the picture of Keenen where you can see up his nose - great job!


  3. Hi Lyla!,
    I'm loving the composition of your photography. It is a very fresh perspective. You're a wonderful artist- you should hit your mom up for some fancy lenses!
    Love, Shannon

  4. Wow, Lyla! Your photos are FABULOUS. My favorites are the Christmas tree photos. I can't wait to see some more of your work.


  5. Counting the days to Alaska. I really like the blog and Poppa & Nana have learned how to communicate on the blog. Yay!!!! Today was nana's birthday London and Poppa took her out to the Red Lobster. Love and miss you all.
    Nana & Poppa (from Florida; the sunshine state)
    p.s. it's hot enough today to even get a sun tan (:)

  6. Lyla... I LOVE IT!!! Almost as much as I LOVE YOU!!! You have a little of your mama's talent in you! Can't wait to see you next week -

    Love - Aunt Staci