Thursday, April 16, 2009

Read Along

I have always loved reading. I have my Mother to thank for this gift. Ahem... I guess being a librarian/media specialist/tech coordinator (whatever the going title is right now) helps out a bit. Memories growing up include: trips to the small Citrus Park library by our house (which is now relocated and HUGE), bedtime stories, and even potty training while sitting backwards on the toilet so we could prop up a book. The beautiful thing about reading is that anyone can get into it... because there is a book about everything. 

If you like collecting garden gnomes... 
there is a book about it. 


If you like converting your engine to run on vegetable oil... 

there is a book about it. 


Wondering if Jem is still "rockin" it...

Yep...there IS a book about it.

My brother is also an avid reader... his affection has always been historical fiction and war stories w/ a little Calvin @ Hobbs mixed in. I have always loved the dreamy and romantical (that was for you Tasha) books - Anne of Green Gables, Secret Garden, Pride & Prejudice, Jane Eyre.  As the years have gone by my interest in book subjects has changed and stayed on course with my life events. Political/Social/Environmental activism in my early twenties... and now in my...ahem... "thirties" my books revolve around parenting, cleaning tricks, cooking, and crafting. I also mostly enjoy Non Fiction for the simple reason of self preservation. If I start a novel of Fiction... I CAN NOT stop reading it. I would be up all night impatiently devouring every word. Which I have now learned a mama that does not sleep makes for a not so good Mama the next day. A few years ago I read Real Food. 

A great read.. I recommend it. Mike and I are always on a constant road of trying to eat and live simply. A rocky road. I am always battling the local vs. organic vs. my own "cheapness" issues. But we will save this for another post:)

After hearing a lot about Animal, Vegetable, Miracle I decided to take a break from parenting books and dive in. 
So far it is addictive. 
So far I am showing some self control and I did go to bed early last night... although I cant make the same promise for tonight!
It is essentially about a family who chooses to live one full year eating only things they can find locally... to learn where their food comes from and who grows it. 

Has anyone read it?
Do you want to read along? 
I will post my progress and thoughts on the book... feel free to do the same.
Happy Reading!


  1. I love the idea of eating locally, but I'm pretty sure I'm too lazy. And cheap. As you know, there isn't much focus on the kind of thing in Tampa. Seeking it out feels so difficult. Let us know how the book goes. Maybe you'll inspire me to try harder.

  2. I've been wanting to read this. I'll pick up a copy and let you know how it goes.

  3. Yeah weird that was from me.

  4. Okay.. I did download it onto my kindle.. but I am currently reading "Marley and Me" for pleasure.. if I don't fall asleep on the couch when I get home from work.. so it may be a day or two before I start your suggested book..

    BTW.. thanks for the kudoos about Reading!! You have to read the book "Three Cups of Tea" I really liked that ..Coming in a package someday... love ya... Your "mother!"

  5. @mom - The movie Marley and Me is soooo GOOD! I should read the book.

    @tasha - you can borrow mine when I am done.

    @shannon - Sweetwater organic farms... here is the link..
    Sounds dreamy... I am very jealous of Florida's year round growing opportunities:)

  6. This is just the funniest blog I have ever read, what a colorful life you have, Staci isnt far behind you with the stories, I guess once she has this third baby things will really pick up for her. I dont know how you guys do it.
    Thank you again for letting me stay with you, I will have to tell you how THAT morning went. Made it home safe though.
    I love all the pics of your kids, they are so adorable. What a good mom you are. See you in August. Love, Jamie
    I'm sending you guys lots of Florida sunshine.