Friday, April 10, 2009


As we wait for the snow to melt we anxiously look for the signs of Spring. Everyday Lyla says to me...
"What is taking Spring soooo long?"
I tell her you have to look closely and listen intently because it is already here. The birds are visiting our front porch, the snow IS slowly melting, and soon we will see some green poke through the cold brown earth. While we wait we have been busy with bunnies, crafting, planting, baking... and a little coughing and sneezing thrown in as well.
Happy Spring Everyone!
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  1. So what is going to happen to the bunnies after easter? where did you get those poor things...are you a bunny-napper?!

    so proud of all the blog updates!!!

  2. Ahhh, TMac. Looking at your pictures reminded me of some 20+ years ago when Mike and I decided I would stay home with our cherubs. I remember days when I would have given anything to have an adult to talk to but I remember more days that were full of joy, crafts, giggles, trips to the park, the zoo, the store. I know I am a better person for that time I spent with our babies - and I believe our babies (now 23 and almost 22) are better for it as well. Although - we never had bunnies in the house.......


  3. @Tracy - how was your weekend:)

    @Alana - You were always a great supporter and mentor as I transitioned from the working world to mama home life! thankyou.

  4. Is it just me or is that the creepiest bunny ever?