Friday, April 10, 2009

A visit from some bunnies

Our neighbor Cindy was gracious enough to bring over her baby bunnies for the kids to see and play with. How brave of her to venture into the wild kid crazed house with her cute, timid, little bunnies. The kids LOVED it... I thought for sure we might end up with a pet bunny after the visit. Maybe....
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  1. @shannon - I love that you are a loyal blog reader - I feel like we are reconnected and sitting next to each other in Drama class again!

  2. Easter with the bunnies.. I remember one of your Uncle Cory's first Easter's at MiMee's house .. your mom wasn't even born yet.. and Uncle Cory came running into our bedroom -- waking us up, yelling and hollering that "the Easter bunny came and he was still on our door"..... we tell him to just shoo him off or play nicely..-- telling him only one more piece of candy before we get up.. and let us sleep a few more minutes.. I think he may have just turned one or two .. But he was very very insistent that we had to come and see the Easter bunny at our door... and sure enough George and I got up .. and there in fact was not one but two! .. but they were dressed up in cow suits! One of them was peering into MiMee's front living room window.. and baby uncle Cory so excited that the Easter bunny cmae ot visit him.. and the second "bunny" was standing right by the front door.. We were stranded and held captive in our own living room by two very large "easter bunnies" dressed like cows..Even your Mommy's dad spent a good two hours or so trying to find the phone number for the man who owned the land across the street and owned the "easter bunnies" so he could get them off our front porch .. Ask your Mommy aboutour visit.. she has heard the story quite often over the years.. of our Easter bunny visit... I love you guys.. hope you had a great Easter.. MiMee!